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I've learned that one good turn gets most of the blankets.
"Cool hash page"
December 2002

Erections to Run 719 - Adiredneck XVI - Wells, NY

Starting Point: Griffin Gorge, located outside of Wells, NY on the East Branch of the Sacandaga River in Griffin, a one time, long ago community, just a wee speck on the map.

When: Friday night August 12th camping, main trail is on Saturday August 13th. I should be at the camping spot on Friday by 1 pm. Join me anytime if you want to camp.
Go home when you want (10 day max. in one spot, then you have to move) I''m leaving Sunday sometime - feel free to stay and have a great time!

Trail Time: 1:00PM, Saturday, 8/13/22

Location: Teachout Road, Route 8, 2.4 miles past the intersection of Route 30N and Route 8, Wells, NY

Click on Link to go to Google Maps

Hare: Willy Wanker

Hash Cash: $10 dollars (contact Willy if you are camping/cummin'!)

Why: It's a Hash! If you've been here before you already know why, if not come on out & find out!

Well all you half minds it's that time of year again and if you've been checking our web page regularly you know that In just a few weeks or so marks the 16th Anal Adiredneck Hash. This is were I try to get you city lovin Hashers up in the great Adiredneck Mtns. If you liked the Boston Shiggy or your a Poo Flinger you'll love this. There will be Beer, Shitty redneck beer, Hash food, a shitty trail (of course), more Beer, wild life, great views and more Beer. Once again, this year camping will be available before and after the Hash. This will be primitive camping. No showers, toilets, or electricity unless you bring it. There is runnin water down at the river though. Hash cash $10 for all this and more.

Trail on Saturday is at 1PM. Circle in the river if weather permits. Heck, I'll even feed ya after!

I will be there on Friday if you want to come early. Saturday night will have good redneck food, hot dogs, hamburgers, Beer, campfire beans, and a bonfire to sing Hash songs around or jump naked over. If you would like to bring something else to eat, please feel free to do so. Plus I serve a Sunday brunch.

What to bring: Your self, Your self respect (fuck that you lost that long ago) A tent & related stuff if you want to camp. Dry stuff to wear after the Hash (I have a feeling your going to get wet), A Virgin, if you can find one, Special dietary needs if any, I'll have lips & assholes, hockey pucks, snausage, Coffee & breakfast. I'm supplying beer, water for the main Hash & circle, And feel free to bring whatever else you want to make you a happy camper.(good beer, bug spray, a light, someone to keep you warm at night or just satisfied.) There will be beer, some type of food (if you desire something special bring it along) The river is a bit high now so tubing is in if you have one or maybe a Kayak.

If you plan on camping please drop me an E-Mail so I can get a head count for food. If camping you will need stuff, maybe a chair, tent, something warm to sleep in or somebody warm to sleep with (the nights have been a little chilly), some kind of light emitting object to see with, some type of paper product to wipe your ass (local news paper, TP., weekly world news, TV guide, unenjoyment papers) and what ever else you may need to make you a Happy Camper.

A few other things, I believe there still is no cell service in this area, I haven't checked so i'm not sure. If you think you're going to camp let me know so I know how many provisions to bring. You can text me or contact me at, I don't check facespace very often so that might be a bad thing.

Feel free to forward this to any other Hasher or Kennel that you might feel would like to join us.

It has been a pleasure to torture you all these years and with any luck you'll still want more after I get done with you this year.

Hope to see you there, If I missed anything so sorry, This is a Hash after all.

On-On to another Adiredneck adventure. Your Hare: Willy Wanker & the Chocolate Factory

Do you like Erections?

How to get there: Heading north on 30 past Wells, about 2 miles past the school is a right, take rt.8 North approx. 2.5 miles take the left down a dirt road. (Teachout rd.) Camp is just before the bridge.

Click on Link to go to Google Maps

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